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control access Harman Electrical are advanced Niko installers, and are fully experienced and equipped to design, install, commission and maintain your complete system.

We are also experienced installers of other systems such as Lutron and Rako but we believe that Niko can offer more and comes with greater adaptability, reliability and is overall better value for money.

Imagine an electrical system which makes your day-to-day life beautifully simple. A system which allows you to fully control, monitor and access your environment at home. A system which, with one push of a button, provides you with the power to ensure complete security and monitor your energy usage. Whether your concerns are environmental, financial, or security related. Niko allows you to care for you, your family and your home at the flick of a switch.

Niko offer two unique control systems, both with their own distinct abilities and benefits. The Nikobus is the first, definitive Niko system and now the new generation of home control is available in the form of the incredible Niko Home Control. Both systems can be utilised in conjunction with seamless Niko Mysterious switch technology.

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Niko Home Control

Using wall switches, touch screen technology and even smart phones, the Niko Home Control system allows you to control all aspects of your home environment quickly, easily and even remotely. Control lighting, sockets, heat and air conditioning and monitor your energy consumption (and production too!) – This system is beautifully streamlined and usable.

Niko Mysterious

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Niko Mysterious is a beautiful piece of technology for your home. It can be used in conjunction with both Niko Home Control and Nikobus systems to provide seamless control over your home environment. It comprises of a switch, perfectly flush-mounted to walls to offer elegant technology to match your décor.



This is the original Niko home control system. With dozens of incredible functions it allows you to control all aspects of your home and brings you the benefit of wire free (RF) switching too.

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